Scientific interest and contibution

Izet Hozo is a physician, specialist in internal medicine, and subspecialist in gastroenterology and hepatology, writer. He has been employed by Split University Hospital since 1983. to 2017. In addition to the regular clinic duties, he led the project on liver damage in workers in plastics industry for ten years, studying the occurrence of liver cancer. He has published numerous scientific papers in the field of liver cancer, and he is also expert for APME (European Association for plastics) in Brussels. He gave several invited lectures in Croatia and abroad (Budapest, Helsinki, Sarajevo, Tuzla.). Professor Hozo is a professor at the Medical School in Split, until retirement he was the head of Clinical propedeutics, head of the Department of clinical gastroenterology and hepatology. He is author of over 90 papers published in various indexed journals, 20 of them quoted in CC.

In addition to studying the toxicity of plastic materials to workers’ health, prof. Hozo’s interest is in influence of alcohol on health, from which area he published original research on the influence of the amount, type and duration of alcohol consumption on the occurence and development of liver cirrhosis, as well as dozens of other studies in which he researched the theme. Prof. Hozo is also engaged in the activities of alcohol prevention, voluntarily engaged in the AA Club Split, giving lectures about hazards of excessive alcohol consumption.

Humanitarian Work

At the beginning of the war, Professor Hozo has been elected as president of the humanitarian organization Merhamet. During the war, this small organization, in given municipal facilities in Split, and by engagement of group of aid workers, has helped a vast number of refugees coming to Split at that time. In very short time, with the help of UNHCR, UNICEF, Caritas, Red Cross, humanitarian associations IGASA, Americares, Nachbar im not, the Knights of Malta, the association Bread St., Anthony and many other humanitarian organizations from around the world, Merhamet gathered a huge humanitarian aid and stored it in North port of Split. From there, this organisation distributed it to the refugees in Croatia and Bosnia. It was Merhamet in Split, together with humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières Logistics Split, which organized the first humanitarian convoy to Sarajevo.

During the war, he personally visited hospital in Mostar with peacemaking groups under shelling, delivering humanitarian donations (medications, food) which was donated by humanitarian association Americare.

Other interests, hobbies

In 1988., Prof. Hozo, along with several colleagues, founded the Split doctors choir, which is continuously active. Since then, it has organized more than 300 concerts at home and abroad, as is evidenced by the monography.
Prof Hozo spends rare free moments with the family, practicing hobbies: sport flying, deep sea diving, surfing, fishing, boating.


Prof.Hozo also was engaged in humanitarian work in early war events, when by the decision of the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, he was appointed the first director of the Logistics Centre of the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Split. During the war, the logistics center in Split had the role of the embassy because it was visited by a number of politicians and public figures from around the world (French Minister Bernard Kouchner, the special envoy of U.S. President George Bush, his nephew, Jonathan Bush, and his sister-in-law Margaret Bush, President of the Senate Commission on the relations with foreign Countries, Senator Frank Mc Closkey, followed by numerous Senate delegation for the preservation of human rights around the world, a prominent journalists (Roy Gutman, Laurent Bijard.).